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50 and 200 Crossover Scanner

CompanyCross TypePriceSMA 50SMA 200
Asian Energy Services (asianene)None113.1101.4181
Asian Gran India Ltd-re (asian-re1)None1.40.850.21
Asian Granito India (asiantiles)None46.9546.8149.7
Asian Hotels (east) (ahleast)None124.3116.58146.82
Asian Hotels (north) (asianhotnr)None191.55156.48101.9
Asian Hotels (west) (ahlwest)None144.15199.26235.19
Asian Paints (asianpaint)None3180.552993.333065.12
Aspinwall And Company (aspinwall)None212.15211.22225.04
Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd. (asalcbr)None408.4366.94412.72
Astec Lifesciences (astec)None1371.351376.921674.11
Aster Dm Healthcare (asterdm)None282.05254.6237.51
Astra Microwave Products (astramicro)None366.45301.34296.26
Astral (astral)None1987.851573.921903.44
Astrazeneca Pharma India (astrazen)None3478.43270.883273.24
Astron Paper & Board Mill (astron)None2524.9430.85
Atlanta (atlanta)None12.914.8116.93
Atn International (atninter)None0.20.20.06
Atul Auto (atulauto)None352.7368.18301.14
Atul (atul)None6732.256856.687822.49
Au Small Finance Bank (aubank)None762.25689.64642.75

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