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9 and 21 Crossover Scanner

CompanyCross TypePriceSMA 09SMA 21
Rajratan Global Wire (rajratan)None769.6773.92776.48
Rajshree Polypack (rppl)None166.3162.05157.64
Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals (rajsreesug)None37.637.538.28
Rajvir Industries (rajvir)None4.25.056.44
Rallis India (rallis)None190.95190.71189.62
Rama Steel Tubes (ramasteel)None41.0538.2235.59
Ramco Industries (ramcoind)None159.9152.86145.1
Ramco Systems (ramcosys)None223221.83224.22
Ramkrishna Forgings (rkforge)None377.7374359.32
Ramky Infrastructure (ramky)None387393.03386.97
Rana Sugars (ranasug)None23.0522.6722.77
Rane (madras) (rml)None609.45601.34550.98
Rane Brake Lining (rbl)None728.95726.29723.03
Rane Engine Valve (raneengine)None282.1271.62281.07
Rane Holdings (raneholdin)None946.65942.74938.48
Rashtriya Chemicals And Fertilizers (rcf)None103102.67104.71
Rategain Travel Technologies (rategain)None384.1384.03391.5
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes (ratnamani)None2300.82321.862317.41
Rattanindia Enterprises (rtnindia)None37.9538.2238.69
Rattanindia Power (rtnpower)None3.453.243.2

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